• 2 ways to enjoy Pink Lady Apples

    2 ways to enjoy Pink Lady Apples
    In celebration of recently getting in some delicious Pink Lady Apples, we decided to put together a post about two of our favourite aways to enjoy these apples! 
    Pink Lady Apples have a tart taste which contrasts nicely with peanut butter. 

    2. Pink Lady Power Juice!

    ( Images and recipes retrieved from Wickedgoodkitchen.com

    1 large grapefruit 

    2 medium pink lady apples 

    1 6-ounce package of rinsed raspberries 

    (Recipe retrieved from: www.wickedgoodkitchen.com 

    Well, there you have it! Two delicious Pink Lady Apple Recipes. We will be at the Strathcona and City Market this Saturday! Come down and pick up some Pink Lady Apples! 

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