• April Fruit Ambassador: Leduc

    This month, we had the pleasure of having Leduc from Let's Eat YEG as our fruit ambassador! Read our full interview with Leduc below. 


    Why did you start Let’s Eat YEG?

    I recently moved back to Edmonton after school, and wanted to really engage into the community with something that I love (food), so it was just a natural progression for me!

    What is your favorite dish? 

    One of my favourite dishes would be “Com tam suon bi cha” Or Vietnamese porkchop with broken rice. It really reminds me of my family, and gives me a really nostalgic feeling.

    Favourite Restaurant in the city?

    My favourite restaurant in the city would have to be Japanese Bistro. I love Japanese cuisine, and all that it entails. The atmosphere in Japanese Bistro is really nice and quiet, and their food has a bit of a French influence which I also like.

    What is your favourite part about being a food blogger?

    My favourite part about being a food blogger is that it gives me an excuse to go out to eat! Eating out is one of my favourite activities, and it can get a bit costly, but it’s easier to justify when I haven’t written anything in a while!

    What do you do outside of the blog?

    Outside of blogging, I work at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in the Genetics lab. We work all kinds of samples from prenatal, to adults, and oncology samples.

    If you could only eat one fruit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

    I think I would say apples due to shear convenience. Easy to grab and eat, while on the go. I live my life by the edge of my seat and sometimes you just need something really quick and easy!

    Cherries or Peaches?

    Peaches all the way! I really like peaches of all kinds. Nice and sweet and so much depth of flavour.

    Apples or Pears?

    I think I prefer pears over apples, but both are really good. A nice pear with a bit of a bite is really good!

    What is your favourite kind of food?

    My favourite kind of food would have to be anything Japanese related. I love sushi, and I love ramen as well.

    As a food blogger, do you like to go out to eat more than cooking at home? How do you find a balance?

    I prefer to eat out more than eating at home. I’m not the creative type, so when I’m at home, I always cook the same thing. When I go out to eat, I get to explore the city and explore flavours and restaurants that I’ve never tried before.

    Follow along with Leduc on his blog: www.letseatyeg.com !

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