• Singing Your Stress Away with the Edmonton Academy of Music

    Sound is a wonderful way to release stress. Whether it’s listening to music or a guided meditation, playing an instrument, or singing along to a favourite tune, sound can alter your emotional state and get rid of tension.

    Singing is a very private thing for most people: we do it in the shower, when we’re doing chores, or when we think no one is listening. Those of us who aren’t blessed with lovely singing voices would be terrified at the thought of singing in front of people. That’s what makes group singing so therapeutic. It makes you incredibly vulnerable, while simultaneously excited and calm. According to Time magazine, group singing can lower stress, relieve tension, and release endorphins (which cause feelings of elation).

    Recently, the Steve & Dan’s crew were lucky enough to partake in a group singing lesson with Angie Money from the Edmonton Academy of Music. It took a bit of time for us to feel comfortable and let go of any inhibitions. Eventually, we just couldn’t hold it in any longer! We belted out the Beatles, the Grease soundtrack, and more of our favourites. It ended up being not only an incredible bonding experience, but also a way for us to relieve this unwanted tension that has built up over the busy season. It’s hard to be embarrassed when everyone is feeling the same way! It was so fun to sing without those inhibitions holding us back. 

    (You can view a 1 minute-long video of us belting out tunes here)

    The Edmonton Academy of Music is currently offering a Design Your Lesson Drop-In package, where you can purchase classes and choose which days you’d like to participate. Not everyone can commit to the same time each week, which makes this drop-in package will allow you to sign up for lessons on your own accord! For more info on this awesome package, visit the Edmonton Academy of Music webpage.

    We are not sponsored by the Edmonton Academy of Music. We participated in this class for our overall wellness, as individuals and as a team. For more of the business we recommend for wellness, check out our community page.