• Healthy Holisitic Nutrition with Erin Smandych

    Healthy Holisitic Nutrition with Erin Smandych

    We have a lot of staff meetings at Steve & Dan's. So much can happen week to week, that we've gotten into the habit of getting together at least once a week. Some of our meetings go all day and we learned very quickly that it's almost impossible to get anything done if your stomach is growling.

    Our go-to lunch consisted of delicious sandwiches, soup, salads, but as one of our values is community, we decided to continue to support other local businesses. We were lucky enough to have holistic culinary wizard Erin Smandych cook for us this past week! Erin is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert based in Edmonton. Her goal is to inspire others to cook using whole, natural ingredients. She strives to cook using local, organic ingredients wherever possible.

    Erin cooked us a delicious meal of turkey chili (and a vegetarian version for our non-meat eaters), pasta salad with sundried tomatoes and olives, and a fresh spinach salad with butternut squash and candied pecans. Feeling full and happy, the rest of our meeting was much more productive!

    Erin offers coaching and consultations to help others develop better eating habits and take control of their health through holistic nutrition, as well as private chef services! Check out all the info on her website.

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