• Sky High Success with West Jet

    Throughout the summer, we’ve been dedicated to building our company culture into one that empowers staff and encourages development. A company we’ve always looked up to is WestJet because they seem to be getting it right. Since 1996, WestJet has created a company culture where employees look forward to coming to work and want to give back to their community. They’ve been able to do so without compromising their world-class services.

    We were lucky enough to have two awesome WestJet employees, Heather and Angela, attend one of our staff meetings to share insight into how to build what they call a “culture of care.” WestJet is committed to instilling a sense of community and pride in their employees. This not only improves the well being of staff, but it translates into their work ethic and community involvement. They encourage staff to ask questions, appreciate one another, and celebrate successes.

    This is something we have begun to weave into the fabric of the Steve & Dan’s culture. The summer months are intense and hectic, and the last thing we want is our staff to become frustrated, disheartened, or burnt out. Our weekly staff meetings have become a place where we can share our ideas, constructive criticisms, and appreciation. Our market staff are empowered to make the best choices possible. Our own “culture of care” is beginning to form as we help and encourage one another.

    One of the most important things that WestJet employees are known for is their community involvement. We were so inspired to hear about all the amazing things “WestJetters” had done for others – from the 12,000 little miracles they carried out over Christmas, to the way they treat travelers every day.

    Community involvement is something extremely important to Steve & Dan’s. It’s so important that we put it on the side of our trucks. We want to hold ourselves to the standard WestJet has set, which is why we’re committed to uphold our community involvement over the winter months as well. When the community thrives, we thrive. Thanks again to WestJet for sharing their wisdom on company culture and community involvement with us!

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