• The "Everyone Culture" at Steve and Dan's


    Over the last few months, we have been working hard to further develop Steve and Dan’s into an “Everyone Culture”, where we not only develop the business but we develop people as well. And in a short amount of time we believe we are making big leaps and bounds.

    Our foundations started with Joel and Sandra of Clear Impact Consulting.  They have been helping to lead us towards forming more structure, Both/And thinking, clearer communication and overall really developing our values of Community, Integrity and Sustainability from a foundational level. They have been a key to our development and we continue to have them at our staff meetings, retreat style sessions throughout the summer and as mentors.

    In addition, we are bringing in speakers at our Bi-weekly staff meetings to help further develop people and have fun! We want our staff to learn from varying viewpoints and navigate through what teaching style works best for them. This helps to form a relationship with yourself, so you can discern what is right for you and what you can put to the side.

    Our latest speaker was Vik Maraj from Unstoppable Conversations. His work originated from guiding hostage negotiations with the Canadian National Police Force, to working with the Aboriginal community, being a Key Note speaker for many events across North America, presenting a widely engaged TED Talk, training the corporate staff at Earls Restaurants, and leading Landmark Forum Introductions. But most importantly he is a longtime customer of Steve and Dan’s and a friend. We appreciate his humor and perspective on life! So we were very fortunate to have him present at our latest staff meeting.

    Steve Souto and his wife Sabrina attended a Landmark Forum a few years ago and took many nuggets of gold away from the experience, so we would like to pass along the information to you as well. Steve has also taken a business leadership course through Dale Carnegie, a leadership Public Speaking course through Leduc Recreation, etc. We encourage you to explore all the above resources, as they are all building blocks.

    For those who are interested in exploring a Landmark Forum, Vik is holding a complimentary Landmark introduction this Wednesday, June 27, 2016. Here are the details:

    WHERE: Chateau Louis11727 Kingsway Ave NW Edmonton, AB
    TIME: 7 pm – 10 pm
    WEBSITE: http://www.landmarkworldwide.com/

    Vik has extended his cell phone number if you are planning to attend please shoot him a text and say you are from Steve and Dan’s. 780-708-4252 so he can greet you.

    We receive no monetary gain if you plan on attending, but we would however like to hear about it if your do!

    Our next speaker is on August 6th after our staff meeting. We are excited to bring in Angie from the Edmonton Music Academy. She is going to host a group singing class!! It is an excellent way to explore vulnerability (not many people enjoy singing in front of others!) and how sound regulates the stress response. Singing is one of the resources we have been given to help express ourselves and calm the nervous system. We encourage our managers and assistant managers to sing, hum, whistle to help break up the density in the body if they are feeling stressed……sound overall makes you feel lighter. Bring on the Beatles songs!

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