Andrea’s first shift at the St. Albert market was supposed to be a favor for a friend who was sick. When Saturday morning arrived, she also became really sick, so she sent her younger sister Katie in her place! Katie ended up loving the markets, so Andrea followed in her footsteps. She became a regular face at St. Albert and soon became part of our management team along with Katie!

Andrea loves to connect with people on a daily basis. She’s so outgoing, kind, and an incredible listener. Sometimes, we’re not sure if customers come back week after week to pick up fruit or to see Andrea again! She also loves that the farmers markets are communities of like-minded individuals who all have a passion for supporting local!

She doesn’t play favourites when it comes to fruit - whatever is ripe and in season is her favourite. Andrea is an adventurous soul and is always stepping outside her comfort zone, because “that’s where the magic happens!” When she’s not working markets, she’s exploring the west coast and searching for her next adventure.

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