The Trojan War was fought over a beautiful woman, but it all started with an apple. Apples were gifts between lovers in Ancient Greece as well as symbols of lust and virility. Accepting the gift of an apple signified acceptance of a romantic advance.

According to medical research, an apple a day might just be what the heart desires, so give yourself the gift of an apple.

Health Benefits

Choosing Delicious Apples

There are over 7,500 known cultivars of apples, so choosing the perfect apple is largely a matter of personal preference. They differ in sugar content (the sweetest is Fuji), Vitamin C content (the highest is Braeburn), and antioxidant content (largely dependent on the skin color).  Each apple type shines in a particular usage. Certain apples are best for slicing and eating fresh, juicing into spiced cider, holding firm in a pie, or dissolving smoothly into sauce or apple butter.

When selecting your apples, no matter the variety, test the firmness of the apple with your fingers. Apples that feel slightly springy or have skin that has begun to soften or wrinkle are likely to be mealy. The best apples will have a pleasant aroma, which is stronger in some varieties than others (like Gala).

Apple Varieties

Toggle your mouse over any of the varieties of apples below to learn the name, and click on the picture of each apple to learn more information specific about that variety!






Golden Delicious

Honey Crisp



Pink Lady




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