Becca got started with us when her mom volunteered her and her best friend to work at the Fort Saskatchewan farmers' market. Back in 2011, her mom heard about a fruit stand that was looking for extra workers and she's been with us ever since. She's quickly moved up to become an integral part of our management team. 

Her favourite fruit depends on the season - it varies between blackberries, Santa Rosa plums, peaches, and concord grapes. When asked what her favourite part about working markets was, she had trouble picking just one. "There's countless things I love about working markets. I enjoy the interactions I have with everyone that passes by. I love that the people I work with make things easier and more enjoyable just by being themselves. I love that there's an openness amongst everyone and that we are encouraged to grow and challenge ourselves." Beautifully said, Becca! 

Becca is a girl of many talents. She's currently studying Forest Technology in BC. She plays ringette and rugby, and is just starting to get into yoga. One of her goals is to live abroad, although the destination is still up for debate. Becca is incredibly kind and brings a positivity to her market stands that is unparalleled. We're so lucky to have her on the team!

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