Taste: Beets have a deliciously sweet, earthy taste.

Nutritional Info:

  • Incredibly high in vitamin C and fiber
  • Loaded with manganese, which is good for your bones and liver
  • Loved for their medicinal properties, as they are said to help with digestion
  • Known to neutralize bad garlic breath!

When to Find Beets: As beets grow better in cooler weather, you can find beets on our stands at the beginning of June, and occasionally in the fall.

Best Uses for Beets: You can do so many things with beets! Boil them, bake them, pickle them... the possibilities are endless! Beets also work very well in soups (like Borscht!) and in summer salads.

How to Store Beets: To keep beets in your fridge, store them in an air-tight bag. Make sure not to wash them before storing them, as they can grow mold. Beets also freeze exceptionally well. Simply cut off the leaves, boil and cube them, and store them in an airtight freezer bag.