Dave’s story of how he met Steve is stranger than fiction. In a gas station outside of town, Dave found a lost cellphone that was luckily unlocked. In hopes of finding the right owner, he took a chance, called “mom” and ended up speaking to Helena Souto, Steve and Dan’s mom back home in Oliver. Steve was so thankful that Dave returned his phone and invited him down to the market. Dave left the market with a job!

His favourite fruit are blackberries. A fun fact about Dave is that he can spell any word backwards on command (test this out the next time you see him at a market)! He brings incredible knowledge and dedication to our markets. Each time you visit Dave, you'll leave the stand with a new tidbit of info on fruit. He cares so much about the markets and truly embodies our community values. Dave has a wonderfully kind soul and brings good vibes wherever he goes - whether that's at the market or at our warehouse.

Dave also hates having his photo taken (although he does look a bit like Woody from Toy Story).


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