Working markets is second nature to Devan. He was asked to help out at the Seba Beach market by his partner (also named Devin!) and one Saturday turned into another Saturday, then another, then another. Soon Devan was working almost full time. He easily transitioned into a leadership role and fit perfectly with our management team.

Devan has such care for the product and the company. He brings a lot of happiness and fun to his market stands -- he’s always making us laugh, rapping along to music, and sharing fruit with new customers. While there is never a dull moment with Devan, he cares deeply about providing families with quality fruit.

Devan teaches high school and is passionate about English. We’re very lucky to have his dedication during the summer. He truly loves when customers try a piece of fruit and are blown away by how great it tastes. Every customer, vendor, and staff that Devan meets, he treats like a friend he’s known for years.