Devin Smith


Devin got started with Steve & Dan’s in the spring of 2016 when the boys decided it was time to work on their social media game. A graduate from MacEwan’s Bachelor of Communication Studies program, she now helps out with a little bit of everything, including social media, staff management, and working with local restaurants.

She struggles to pick a favourite fruit, but it’s a fact that she can’t stop snacking on Golden Plums when they arrive! While she spends a lot of her time behind a computer screen, you can catch her at a few markets throughout the week. Devin loves to get out there and meet all the customers that have supported Steve & Dan’s for so long. She especially loves chatting about anything DIY - from making your own kombucha, to composting, to baking with our fruit.

Devin absolutely loves ghost stories, so much that she once created a haunted tour of the University of Alberta, where she led students around to spooky spots on campus. If you see her at the market, ask her what her favourite ghost story is!