Devin Smith


Devin got started with Steve & Dan’s in the spring of 2016 when the boys decided it was time to work on their social media game. A graduate from MacEwan’s Bachelor of Communication Studies program, she now helps out with a little bit of everything, including social media, staff management, and working with local restaurants.

She struggles to pick a favourite fruit, but it’s a fact that she can’t stop snacking on Golden Plums when they arrive! While she spends a lot of her time behind a computer screen, you can catch her at a few markets throughout the week. Devin loves to get out there and meet all the customers that have supported Steve & Dan’s for so long. She especially loves chatting about anything DIY - from making your own kombucha, to composting, to baking with our fruit.

Devin recently traveled to Europe and SouthEast Asia - a lot of which she embarked on solo! Her favourite memories include spending a weekend at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, (where she got to feed and care for rescued elephants, including a 10 month old baby) and wakeboarding in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

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