Taste: Dill leaves have a sweet taste. They are very aromatic, with a cirtus-y taste. Dill seeds taste similar to caraway seeds.

Nutritional Info:

  • Good source of vitamin A
  • Contains two unique types of healing components: monoterpenes and flavonoids, which neutralize particular types of carcinogens
  • The total volatile oil portion of dill has been studied for its ability to prevent bacterial overgrowth

When to Find Dill: Dill usually pops up at our markets around the end of June or beginning of July. 

Best Uses for Dill: Fresh dill is a kitchen necessity! Try it in sauces, slaws, and soups. It's amazing when cooked with vegetables like potatoes, asparagus, and carrots. 

How to Store Dill: When in the refrigerator, dill can stay fresh for up to two weeks. Dill can also freeze when stored in an air-tight bag. If you know you're going to using dill for soups and sauces, try freezing it in ice cubes: chop up a bit of dill and fill the ice cube tray with water. It'll be ready whenever you need it!