Transparency is one of our key business principles! We are extremely proud of the product we sell and we want to keep you informed! We are asked many great questions & the most popular questions are below:

Where is it grown?

We believe in supporting Canadian farming. We do not sell or carry any fruit (or veggies) from the United States. Most of our products are from our own farm in Oliver, BC. This is the farm Steve and Dan grew up on, and where their parents still live and grow amazing fruit. Anything else is outsourced from trusted farmers that we personally know who share our values.

 Are you organic?

We are a conventional farm, not an organic farm. Although we do our best to use organic-based sprays, we will use pesticides and fungicides when we deem absolutely necessary. We do carry produce from farms that are either certified organic or spray-free on occasion. Anything that we grow we wouldn't think twice about feeding to our own children. If you have any questions regarding sprays, do not hesitate to ask the manager at the stand or send us an email!

Why does your fruit not look like grocery store fruit?

Fruit you find in the grocery store has most likely been sprayed with unnatural chemicals to preserve its shelf life or colour, which can also negatively affect the taste. As we do not spray for this, our fruit can have bumps and bruises that come from shipping, handling, and touching other fruit. Just because a peach looks imperfect, doesn't mean it is not delicious and nutritious. That being said, if you receive fruit that is damaged, moldy, or doesn't taste right, don't hesitate to let us know (we have a 100% guarantee on all of our products).

Is your fruit GMO?

No, we do not have GMO fruit, nor will ever carry it. That includes the GMO non-browning apple.

Do you purchase from wholesalers?

We do not purchase from wholesalers, even if we are short on supply of a product. If we do not have a quality source from a local farmer that has a surplus, we put a close to the season of that particular food.

Does your mom actually pack fruit?

You heard it right! Our lovely mother Helena actually picks and packs fruit for 12 hours each day during the summer season on our family-owned farm in Oliver, BC.

How do you have such great staff?

Most of our employees have been with us for 8-10 years and love working for us. Once a year we have a killer staff party (we love our employees).

Do you guarantee your product?

Yes, we 100% guarantee the quality of our product. If we have missed something or your product isn't up to standards, we will give you your money back or another basket of equal value.

Is your fruit fresh?

Yes, we bring fresh fruit from Oliver, B.C to Edmonton, Alberta twice a week to our private warehouse in Devon, AB. This is where we keep it cool before we head to markets.

Where can I find you throughout the week?

We attend markets Wednesday through Sunday! For a full comprehensive schedule of our markets, see here.

When will a certain product be available?

For a general list of when products will be available, visit our product pages. As each season is different, our social media pages will always have the most up-to-date information!