Kurt, our right-hand man, has been with us since he was 13 years old! His mom put out an ad, hoping her son could find a part-time job. Kurt started working markets with us and the rest is history. He’s been with us for over 10 years! Thanks to Dayna for putting out that ad!

Kurt had a tough time picking his favourite fruit, but we know he’s always snacking on berries. He loves to travel, is an avid book reader, and takes every opportunity he can to learn and discover something new. Kurt is passionate about integrity and building strong relationships with staff, customers, and his community. He loves being able to help customers rediscover where their food is coming from.

He is very passionate about developing staff. One of his favourite things about Steve & Dan’s is that our staff all have very different backgrounds, aspirations, and lifestyles. Having them all come together at the markets is a beautiful thing. Kurt has a strong passion for what he does. We know that anyone who chats with Kurt for a while will soon understand and share his dedication. 

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