Lydia is one of our newest assistant managers, but it feels like she's been with us for ages. She joined the team in the summer of 2016 (thanks to manager Dave) and starting helping out at markets all over Alberta. She soon became a regular fixture at Strathcona and when Steve needed an assistant manager, he knew exactly who to ask. 

This girl is one incredibly talented ballet dancer (seriously). She even moved away from home 10 years ago so she could train even harder. That's not her only dream -- she is also training to be a massage therapist and hopes to work with seniors. 

Lydia's favourite fruits are definitely nectarines and raspberries. She loves chatting to customers (a lot of which know her by name) and watching them try new fruit. She also doesn't mind the early mornings, because "waking up early to work with friends isn't half bad." She is one genuine, kind soul.  We love you, Lyds!