Imperfect Fruit

Unfortunately, every so often, we have more fruit than we can possibly sell. We hate to see it go to waste, so other farmers (our friends) might take it to sell. What is left gets donated to charities and what can’t be donated is left on the farm as compost to help our trees stay healthy. This is the nature of farming.  

Sometimes we have product that doesn’t look “perfect” or receive fruit to help another local farmer. Big companies will not take their product because of superficial imperfections caused from them being natural and not sprayed with chemicals. They are still nutritious and delicious! Unfortunately, slight bruising, discoloration, etc. are often thought to be signs of poor quality. Our food is natural. It doesn’t always look perfect, but we promise it tastes great!

Our goal this year is to seek out other businesses in the area that will gladly enjoy this fruit for juicing in the coming year.