A.B. Frozen Haskap Berries
  • A.B. Frozen Haskap Berries
  • A.B. Frozen Haskap Berries

A.B. Frozen Haskap Berries


* Only for pickup at Strathcona Farmers Market

*Only for pickup and delivery at Bountiful Farmers Market

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These amazing berries are in collaboration with Andrew Rosychuk of Rosy Farms


Taste: Of course, the best way to learn is to try it for yourself.  However, you might find it hard to find haskaps because the industry is just starting to build. The powerful flavor is about 3/4 blueberry, 1/4 raspberry, with undertones of black current and elderberry.  Expect for your tasted buds to enjoy the Haskap zing!

Nutritional Info:

  • Incredibly high in vitamin C, A, Fiber and Potassium
  • High in Antioxidants

When to Look for Haskaps: These Berries are incredibly resilient in colder Alberta temperatures. Their harvesting window is between Late June to August. We do all our freezing at the perfect ripeness. 

Best Uses for Haskpas:  Haskaps are a great snack on their own, but are also tasty in baking, smoothies and salad dressings. 

How to Store Frozen Haskaps: The Haskaps are in a resealable bag and frozen at perfect ripeness. 


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