B.C. Ambrosia Apples

B.C. Ambrosia Apples


* Only for pickup at Strathcona Farmers Market

*Only for pickup and delivery at Bountiful Farmers Market

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 Taste: This gorgeous dessert apple is sweet, honeyed and mild with a soft, juicy crunch. 

Nutritional Info:

  • One of the sweetest apples with a sugar content of 17 grams per 100 gram serving
  • Low acid content, making it easier to digest for those with sensitive stomachs

When To Find Ambrosias: Ambrosias are harvested beginning in late September, and are usually available until April.

Best Use for Ambrosias: These apples resist browning even when baked, making this a fantastic dessert apple. Ambrosias are a great partner for cheeses and caramel dips. Even on their own, Ambrosias make a fantastic sweet treat!

How to Store Ambrosias: Like all apples, Ambrosias keep best in your crisper.


Medium Basket 2-2.5Lbs Approx 5-7 pieces depending on size and variety

Large Basket 4 -4.5lbs Approx 10-12 pieces depending on size and variety

Extra Large Bags 8Lbs Approx 18-20 pieces depending on size and variety

Case 18lbs Approx 44-48 pieces depending on size and variety 

*Keep refrigerated to last up to 2-3 weeks.

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